Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hampton Court Palace

This is the most haunted place I have ever visited! And it started as soon as I entered the old Tudor Palace, no waiting for the sun to go down this time.  There were four places in the palaces (Hampton Court Palace is a double palace, the Tudor palace of Henry VIII and then the later addition for William and Mary) where I became aware of spirits in presence.   However, the entire palatial complex is still energetically imprinted and it is easy to feel the hustle and bustle of Tudor life in the 1500s. 

The first of the active presences was in Henry VIIIs wine cellar.  I can't tell you much about who was in there because I became quite nauseous and quite frankly got the hell out of there! The impression that I was left with was very strong and it was of being crushed by barrels. I have added a picture which clearly shows orbs in the wine cellar. I have more pictures of this cellar and of the attached kitchen which also contain orbs.

The next area of significance was in Henry VIIIs apartments, specifically in the passageway where Henry would have walked to the chapel on Sundays and other occasions.  The passageway is very wide and on one wall is a very large portrait of Henry VIII (see photo) whose eyes seemed to follow you.  However, it was not Henry in this cold haunted passageway it was a female presence.  I was aware it was young female and upon researching I have discovered that it is in this passage way that Queen Catherine (fifth wife) was arrested  and charged with adultery. The arrest was public and very emotional for Catherine.  Is it her that is still haunting the passage?

We now move away from the Tudor era and into the time of the joint monarchs William and Mary - yes spirits with white wigs.  I challenge any one not to catch their breath at first glance of the king's staircase.  The palace for William and Mary was designed and built by Sir Christopher Wren, consequently every room is magnificent.  But King William's staircase is a site to behold.  As I stood there with my mouth open I became aware of a lady on the stairs.  I believe her to be a servant, but a servant of some standing and of some importance to James.  I don't know how she "fell" from favour, but she did and she is still there.  I haven't read anything about a James associated with William IIIs palace - can any history buffs out there tell me anything?  There are three photos of the staircase - the two on the left were taken with different cameras seconds apart.  Look at the bottom right hand corner of the photo on the right - can you see anything?  You might have to make the photo bigger.

The fourth and final room or area to discuss is "The Wolsey Closet".  It is found in the Georgian part of the palace, but contains many Tudor decorations.  No I did not connect with cardinal Wolsey in this room, but how good would that have been?  This male spirit was in the far corner of the room and did not move - in fact would not move.  He was very dapper in his blue suit (velvet I think) and white wig. I have no idea who he is as not only would he not move he also would not speak.  He was in hiding. 

I spent only a couple of hours in Hampton Court, which was not enough time to connect to all the amazing spirits there - I was quite overwhelmed.  I would love to return with enough time and resources to do a complete walk through of the palaces and sit quietly in each room.  Who knows who I could meet!!  

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